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Wailele Lu`au

Maui’s Most Spectacular Fire Knife Performance

You won't find a better Maui luau in Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, or Wailea!
Experience the most authentic luau on the island.

Wailele Lu`au

Maui’s Most Spectacular Fire Knife Performance

You won't find a better Maui luau in Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, or Wailea!
Experience the most authentic luau on the island.

Wailele Lu`au

Enjoy a Beautiful Lu`au in Maui

You won't find a better Maui luau in Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, or Wailea!
Experience the most authentic luau on the island.

Wailele Lu`au

Come to the Maui Westin Kaanapali for a Lu`au

You won't find a better Maui luau in Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, or Wailea!
Experience the most authentic luau on the island.

Wailele Lu`au

Feast at a Lu`au Dinner in Maui

You won't find a better Maui luau in Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, or Wailea!
Experience the most authentic luau on the island.

An Amazing Lu`au in Maui Awaits

Energize your evening at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa’s Wailele Lu’au. Our redesigned Kaanapali lu’au is held at our beautiful Aloha Pavilion, alongside the ocean where a beautiful sunset will start off your Lu’au in Maui.

Hula is more than a dance.
Hula is Hawaiian history in motion. 

Long before written words existed, the Hawaiian people passed their stories from generation to generation by way of ‘oli (chanting) and hula (dancing). The tales we hear today are from the mouths of our ancestors; tales of battles won and lost, exuberant homecomings and grand adventures, extensive genealogies and complex histories. These ancient tales now come alive at Maui’s most exciting seaside show, Wailele Lū‘au, and we invite you to take part.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Hawaiian Islands through ‘oli and hula over a traditional island-style dinner, all while taking in the stunning sunset across the ‘Au‘au Channel on the beautiful Kā‘anapali Coast. Watch as the legends of the ancients unfold before you, and take a journey across the Pacific to discover where these traditions were born.

We’ll explore the mo‘olelo (stories) of the gods and goddesses, whose bravery, cunning, and strength created the islands of Hawai‘i as we know them today. Get to know our hero, Maui, the demi-god who pulled our island of Maui out of the sea with Mānaiakalani, his enchanted fish hook, and learn about the beautiful interconnectedness of the ocean, land, and people of Hawai‘i.

Beloved by locals and visitors alike, the Wailele Lū‘au is an intimate performance suitable for the whole family. Guests are invited to enjoy an unlimited buffet of traditional island-style dishes like lomi lomi salmon, ahi poke, slow roasted kalua pig, and more, plus unlimited drinks. When the sun sets, the performance will culminate in Maui’s most extreme fire knife dance in an awe-inspiring finale.

More than just a beautiful evening by the sea, the Wailele Lū‘au is a moment for visitors to experience the complexity and power of Hawaiian culture first-hand. From our talented local performers, to the traditional costumes, to the heart-pounding music, our hope is that the Wailele Lū‘au will give visitors a new take on the beautiful people and places found here in Hawai‘i, transforming your vacation into an immersive cultural experience.

Food and Drinks at Wailele Lū‘au

A traditional Hawaiian lū‘au isn’t complete without a generous spread of food and island delicacies. Taste your way through the cultural melting pot that is Hawai‘i with our chef-created buffet of food and drinks at Wailele Lū‘au. Your ticket price includes unlimited trips to the buffet and bar, so we encourage guests to arrive with an appetite.

The Wailele Lū‘au culinary experience begins with island favorites like Hawaiian sweet rolls and poi rolls with mango butter, juicy gold pineapple, and light salads with tender greens. An array of seafood awaits with cucumber tuna salad, Hawaiian lomi lomi salmon, and ahi poke, all kept chilled on ice for a refreshing starter. Side dishes include macaroni salad (called simply ‘mac salad’ by locals), Moloka‘i sweet potato, white rice, fried rice, and yakisoba fried noodles, highlighting the cultural and ethnic diversity that has shaped Hawai‘i’s local cuisine. The main event includes fresh catch of the day, yakiniku beef, hulihuli (rotisserie) chicken, and Kalua pig, a slow-roasted traditional pork dish made with cabbage. Finish your meal with pineapple upside down cake, haupia (coconut pudding), fresh fruit, and freshly baked cookies.

A children’s buffet is available for the keiki joining us, with options like onigiri (Japanese rice ball), macaroni and cheese, french fries, chicken karaage, and more. And just for adults, a full bar with unlimited beer, wine, and island cocktails is included in your ticket price.

Being one of a handful of dinner options on the Kā‘anapali Coast, our aim is to make Wailele Lū‘au your premier dining destination. Whether you are joining us at Wailele Lū‘au for a special occasion or a family meal, our goal is to provide a beautiful show in a stunning seaside location, with a food and beverage program that stands on its own and can be returned to again and again.

Choose Your Maui Lu`au Tickets

Enjoy a superb all-you-can-eat Hawaiian buffet with traditional selections for an authentic lu’au dinner experience.

Our show dates are Tuesday, Thursday and/or Sunday. We have additional shows on Wednesday and/or Friday during summer and holidays. Days are subject to change. Check your confirmation email for check-in times. Duration is approximately three hours.


Maui's Most Extreme Troupe of Fire-Knife Dancers!

Staged outdoors amidst a scenic oceanfront setting alongside Kaanapali Beach, this intriguing lu’au performance and dinner show is held on-site at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa and showcases stories of demi-god Maui, ancient Hawaiian kahiko with traditional costumes and Hawaiian awana with a grander spectrum, leading up to the island’s most extreme fire knife dance finale.

Join Us for A Magical Lu’au in Maui · Over 200 5-Star Reviews
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Magical Evening

"What a magical evening that our family had when we attended the Wailele Polynesian Luau. Everything about this authentic hawaiin experience was engaging including the delicious hawaiin cuisine, the graceful hula dancers, and the passionate tribal storytellers. Our family found that the temporary luau location created a very intimate setting as we were mesmerized by the performance. I would recommend this luau to anyone visiting Maui."

– Lisa P. · TripAdvisor
Great Show!

"We read many reviews before deciding on which Luau to attend. This was our first luau. We did not get the premium seating and I am glad. Looked like all had good seats. We got in line about 15 minutes before they opened the doors and a hostess seated us - making sure all the tables were full. Acoustics were not too good, it was hard to follow the story of the islands. But the performers were fantastic!! I liked the food, drink and staff. Overall I thought it was a great way to spend an evening on Maui!!"

– sbcucinotta · TripAdvisor
Great night

"We had an awesome time at the Luau. Didn't have the traditional pig in the ground but the food was still awesome and the show was great. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves. When we booked all that was left was traditional seating, we were lucky enough to get a pretty darn good table, but if I had the chance I would pay the extra couple bucks for the premium seating and get in line a half hour early for a front row table."

– Derek E. · TripAdvisor

"This was the most beautiful show I’ve ever seen. We saw this Luau on our last night in Hawaii and it was the perfect ending to a perfect vacation. The trip wouldn’t be the same had we not gone to the show. The performers were beautiful, the show was incredible. The fire dancers were a sight to see. They engaged the audience and the food and service was excellent. This is a must see show."

– rumer968 · TripAdvisor
Amazing luau!

"This was my first time at a luau and I highly recommend this experience for any type of traveler! The staff was friendly from the moment we arrived and were excited for everyone to enjoy the show. The photographer was fun and we loved our photos. The buffet dinner was delicious - everyone in our group went up for seconds! The show was amazing to watch, especially the last performance. I would love to go again! The extra $20 for reserved seating is worth it."

– Marisol V · TripAdvisor

Be a Part of Something Amazing with a Lu’au in Maui, Hawaii!